HC Ladder Steps


$245.00 AU

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Out of stock

The HC (High Comfort) Steps turns the new iKamper HC telescoping ladder into a safe and comfortable set of stairs. Perfect for adding more security and comfort while you’re getting in and out of your RTT.

The HC Steps prevent slipping and create a wide footrest for a safer ladder experience.

High visibility reflective strips on each step make it easier to find your way when getting in and out of your RTT.

“Set it and forget it” by easily attaching the velcro straps to each individual step of your ladder. When it’s time to breakdown camp, simply retract your ladder with the HC Steps still attached and stow them in a convenient location.

WARNING: HC Ladder steps are sold for the purpose of only fitting the iKamper HC Ladder. We make no admission that these will fit any other brand of ladder, returns will not be accepted.

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