Annex Plus: Skycamp 3.0 Mini


$1,250.00 AU

+ Freight

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In stock

A versatile addition to your Skycamp 3.0 Mini

The Annex Plus offers even more space for whatever you need. Room to store extra gear within arm’s reach. A discreet place to change. A cozy space for your dog to camp alongside you. Shelter from the elements, and of course, mosquitos. This self-supporting roof top tent annex is lightweight, easy to install, and easily packed and stored inside your vehicle while on the move.

  • Spacious
    A generous interior footprint of roughly 3 x 4.4 metres, and ceiling height over 2 metres. Easily double the living space of your RTT in minutes.
  • Freestanding
    Our self-supporting design means you can leave the Annex Plus in place should you need to move your vehicle.
  • Uncompromising Quality
    Thoughtfully designed by our engineers, and manufactured by us. Durable, waterproof rip-stop fabric delivers complete protection from rain and snow.
  • Roof Rack Working Height for Skycamp 3.0 Mini
    1,850mm – 2,000mm

FitsSkycamp 3.0 Mini

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