Marcus’s BT50

The All General Surveying crew came to us with a winged canopy and low and behold a set of Gen 1 KUFU Drawers, these had been put through the wringer and several vehicles. Proud to say they did the job for at least 6 – 8 years. But the time had come to install a New set of Premium KUFU Drawers to upgrade this work canopy.

This installation includes:

  • a single width Mounting platform
  • a Premium 460 x 1400 drawer at the cabin end of the canopy facing toward the passenger side.
  • a double width Platform with a set of 3x 950 x 280 drawers, 2 that are stacked to the rear of the installation directly adjacent some custom tool boxes used for stakes and flags

Surveying requires some pretty specific and expensive equipment and they are kept safe secure, dry and dust free in the KUUF Drawer System.

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