Quality Australian automotive and overlanding products and accessories, family owned and operated since 1928.

The Umhauer family has been associated with vehicle service and quality products since 1928.

The Umhauer family has been involved in automotive service and 4×4 product retail in the Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine region. It all began with Umhauer Service Stations offering old fashion service, and over the years expanding into Umhauer Caravanning and 4×4 world. Recently the Umhauer name is associated with innovative products being design engineered and assembled locally and exported to the world.

CEO & Founder

Customer builds

Mark is our Production Manager and the proud owner of his shiny white Wild-Trak Ford Ranger. His heart was set on some KUFU Drawers, and the most practical and versatile set of drawer to go under the roll top and keep a flat top for any extra cargo or equipment

The All General Surveying crew came to us with a winged canopy and low and behold a set of Gen 1 KUFU Drawers, these had been put through the wringer and several vehicles. Proud to say they did the job for at least 6 – 8 years. But the time

This LC200 install is like no other. The 3rd row and 2nd row seats removed, stacked 180mm and 280mm height x 1400 Kufu Premium Drawers, alongside a 460mm height x 950mm depth Drawer. The fridge is accessed by the rear passenger side door. John is back getting the Wing-Kits installed

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