Ben’s Raptor

Ben came to us with an interesting challenge: a drawer system that could fit under the roller-top on his Ford Raptor to maximise the storage capacity in the tub, while keeping room for a fridge slide alongside. Challenge accepted!

This is a serious setup, and Ben has gone to a lot of effort to keep all his gear organised and to be ready for anything. This setup includes a single width Mounting Platform with Catch and Click Brackets inlcuded, these are well hidden beneath the drawers above. A Premium 280 x 1400 drawer fits well underneath the roller top box at the cabin end of the tub. Then stacked on top with a Catch and Click Stacking Kit, is a Premium 180 x 950 drawer, this drawer sits in front of the roller-top box and maximises the usable storage space all the while keeping gear safe, secure, dry and dust free. Ben is taking on the Telegraph Track on his way to Cape York!

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