Mounting Platform Kit

Mounting Platform Kit, 1400mm, RAM 1500 5'7" Short-Bed

$350.00 AU

+ Freight

Status: IN STOCK

The KUFU Drawer System is the ultimate vehicle storage solution.

Versatile, modular vehicle storage with Catch-and-Click™ technology. A unique, tool-free catch system for fast installation and removal, ensuring adaptability for various vehicle types and user needs.

Designed in Australia for compliance with ADR42/05 and ADR69/00 ensures safety and reliability for recreation, trades, defence, medical, and fleet industries.

  • LED lighting – Activated when drawer opens are twin defused internal LED strips and a push button on/off High output external lighting for work or play.
  • All weather design – rain, hail, sun or dust, your gear will be protected by the sealed design and front recessed front bulb seal.
  • Increment lock out – Inclines or declines, positive lock out points prevents drawer slamming open or closed while accessing gear, safety assured.
  • Removable – fast click in or click out patented feature – Catch n Click, no tools required, fit or remove drawer in seconds.
  • Built to last using a combination of materials – composite glass filled resin, aluminium, injection molded front, stainless and powder coated components.
  • Drawers for life, Never be locked in.

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