Holden Colorado, 280 x 1400 Twin Set + Wing Kit, ECONO Drawer Install Bundle

KUFU Drawer System

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The KUFU Drawer System ECONO Drawer boasts features such as incremental locking with tubular lock barrel and key, medium duty slides, and internal tub carpet.  An automotive grade pinchweld bulb seal surrounds the perimeter of the Drawer front to seal the closed drawer front.  The Catch-and-ClickTM system attaches to the robust composite base of the ECONO. The alloy carcass saves weight and frames the tactile and hard wearing hexa-plywood finish of the drawer top. The KUFU Drawer System ECONO Drawer is capped by steel frames to support the working ends of the system.   The iconic handle shrouds the soft-touch grip that actuates the elegant locking mechanism, with incremental locking positions through the drawer travel as standard on every system and the ability to lock-in our out to prevent runaway loads.  We think it’s the small ideas delivered big that set us apart from the rest.   The KUFU Drawer System has confident and smooth action drawer slides.

The Australian designed and engineered system is assembled in Leopold Victoria from local and imported custom components. All KUFU Drawer Systems are ADR compliant, and the ECONO Drawers are rated to 100kg evenly distributed per drawer. With a top loading capacity of 400kg for a twin setup.  You can be satisfied that all your gear is safe, secure, organised and at your fingertips with the KUFU Drawer System.

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Standard Drawer Config 1.0

Product Weight, excluding packaging

78 Kg

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