Suitable for small cars & SUV’S.

The ADVENTURER has a fully powder coated aluminium body, folded, riveted and welded. The engineered design optimises strength and weight reduction eliminating prone areas of fatigue and cracking.


Sandy Retro RWC Adventurer Upgrade with Retro Sunrise Decal Striping

$1,595.00 AU

Lift Frame Upgrade: 500Nm Gas Struts, x2 Front and x2 Rear

$440.00 AU

Raptor Protective Coat Upgrade with Retro Jimny Heritage decal-striping

$1,850.00 AU

SoundExtreme SEB26, EcoXGear Soundbar.

$900.00 AU

SoundExtreme SE26, EcoXGear Soundbar

$750.00 AU

KUFU SPARK 2000, Pre-Wired Auxiliary Battery Charger and Accessory Controller System

$4,840.00 AU

REDARC 12V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery, Heavy Duty, Upgrade

$2,150.00 AU

RV40 Slim-Line Water Tank Install Upgrade

$1,210.00 AU

Hot water system with Ezy shower Install Upgrade

$1,320.00 AU

Electric Brake Controller Install, RWC Upgrade, Sold with RWC Adv Braked Axle Option

$560.00 AU

RVSS Drawer Upgrade

$1,850.00 AU

KUFU SPARK 1500, Pre-Wired Battery Charger and Accessory Controller System

$4,356.00 AU

Raptor Protective Coat Upgrade

$880.00 AU

small but mighty

Compact, and lightweight. The Road Warrior is light enough to be lifted off the tow ball and walked into any camp site, carpark or driveway.

light weight

Easy to tow park and store, low profile design means efficient towing.

super versatile

Versatile and adaptable. Upgrade with accessories to make your adventure more comfortable.


Innovative Lift Frame to keep roof top tents and roof rack storage low on the journey but out of the way at the campsites, saving fuel and space.


Design, engineered and assembled in Australia, with an Australian made axle and tow drawer bar.


Aluminum construction, powder coated and fully sealed to keep the weather out.

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Adventurer AT specifications

Tare 285kg
ATM 600kg
Payload up to 315kg
Gas strut load ratings: Up to 65kg – 300nm
66kg–100kg – 500nm
Length over 3020mm
Height Extended 1770mm
Compact 1520mm
Width 1615mm
Volume Main Body 1150 Litres
Front Tub 148 Litres
Side Boxes 51 Litres each

road warrior Upgrades

The Road Warrior Camper can be upgraded to suit your individual needs. We can supply and install – iKamper roof tents (all models), aluminium storage drawer system and side wing kit, side awnings and walls for shelter, insect mesh room or full under awning canvas tents to provide complete comfort and protection while camping and bio mass or gas powered cooking systems.

Browse our accessories below and contact us to discuss your needs.

where it all started - 1993

Tow behind motorcycle trailers has been a part of my life since setting up in 1993 a Yamaha FJ200 sport tourer motorcycle and purchasing an old steel 5 x 3 trailer which required extensive modification to tow safely behind the motorcycle.

Travelling from Geelong to Cairns, Townsville to Mt Isa and down to Tasmania over 3 years working my way around, I had lots of interest in the set up.

Returning to Geelong and purchasing a 4WD and towbar centre, after 17 years I sold the business and started to think about my past time travelling on motorcycle, towing my home behind.

The design, research and development of ROAD WARRIOR CAMPERS began in 2016, originally as a tow behind motorcycle trailer but now engineered to tow behind small cars, SUV’s and trikes. After 4 years of trials, testing and breaking designs. Towing behind small cars and SUV’s around parts of Australia and an epic 6 weeks and 8500 miles across the United States of America, towed behind a 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide from California following the coast up to San Francisco along the winding National Pacific Highway, across to Reno, Salt Lake City Wyoming and landing in South Dakota for the 78th Sturgis bike rally. We rode some of the most remote corrugated and broken roads I have ever travelled and surely not ideal for a 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra glide, 2 up, loaded and towing our home.

We had a 2 person Skycamp 2x roof tent on top of the lift frame with a 100 a/h lithium battery and drawer with a 50 litre Waeco fridge mounted on top. Carrying 20 litres of water, coffee pod machine, toaster and 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter to run the appliances, total weight 385kg.


Destinations travelled included – Denver Colorado to Grand Junction following the million dollar highway to Silverton (2,840m above sea level – Mt Kosciusko is 2,228m) the town is located in a remote part of the western San Juan Mountains, a range of the Rocky Mountains.

We then travelled down through Durango to Mexican hat down through Montezuma Creek and stopping at Bluff fort and Cow Canyon trading post (amazing sight), before heading along Oljato – Monument Valley Arizona (made famous from Forest Gump movie running scene) down past Flagstaff Grand Canyon to Sedona. We continued on to ride 1355 miles along the famous Route 66 from Sedona to Memphis staying at iconic stops and settling at Graceland guest house for few days of much needed off the bike exploring the sites and history of the “King” Elvis Presley Grace lands, among other sites Beal street and the blues bars.

Getting back on the road we headed north to Nashville, Chicago and ended at Milwaukee which we attended the 115 year anniversary of Harley Davidson. By this time we had met many other bikers and interest grew around our set up and the R&D of the camper trailer which was all positive feedback and critiques taken on board.

To reflect, and this is about the brand and Road Warrior Campers, this little all-aluminium, independent torsion bar axle trailer had accomplished a years’ worth of abuse in 6 weeks. Naming the trailer “Adventure” it towed without fault (even at 85 mph / 137 kmh to keep up with the traffic flow). The side storage boxes worked as tables when open to hold the coffee machine and toaster, spice rack and all utensils, plates etc packed in one side, the other storing the appliances and coffee pods, fire lighter’s, head torches, paper towel and dish washing gear.

During our travels we had a lot of questions and interest around can you tow the Adventurer by small vehicles – Hyundai Venue, Kona, Subaru, Ford Puma, Escape and the list goes on.

Well the answer is Yes – of course, weighing only 230kg (TARE) unloaded with a rated ATM of 600kg and 45kg ball weight, there is plenty of load carrying capacity and has plenty of storage space. Optional extra’s available – 10” electric brakes, an engineered 50mm swivel coupling (for motorcycles to allow leaning into corners), full aluminium drawer system with large single drawer and side removable wing kits to provide a flat cargo space.

For more information head to the ADVENTURER details on the products page or shoot an email via our contacts page.

We are in the design stage to replicate the ADVENTURER in a more compact, lighter design for towing behind motorcycles.

Happy towing and get out on the road and explore.

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