Electric Brake Controller Upgrade

Electric Brake Controller Install

$560.00 AU

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Stop safely and confidently.

The REDARC EBTM, Electric Trailer Brake Controller provides an easy-to-operate method of controlling electric brakes on a trailer or camper-trailer.

Your trailer behaves exactly as you expect it to whenever you apply the vehicle brakes.

Great for smaller vehicles for towing the Road Warrior Camper trailer.

Unsure whether your vehicel can tow a trialer or not? Check for your vehicles ‘Braked Towing Capacity’.The LED indicator on the 12V trailer brake controller glows green when a trailer with electric brakes is plugged in.Application of the brakes from the foot brake will change the LED to red – the shade of red indicating to what degree the brakes are being applied.

The adjustment knob will set the level of braking activated by the foot brake.


  • Ensures safe braking when towing a trailer
  • Trailer mount model EBTM allows towing from multiple tow vehicles
  • Simple to operate and easy to install


  • Compact sizeLED status and braking force indication
  • Simple gain adjust for variation in braking force
  • May be installed at any angle without affecting performance

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm
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